Book 1:

College of Shadows

Freshers Nick and Annabel stumble upon a long-held Cambridge secret. And the otherworldly truth is less pass-fail than do-or-die. Can Nick and Annabel banish the beast before freshers’ week becomes their last?


College of Shadows is the engrossing first novel in the Cambridge Gothic fantasy mystery series. If you like haunted heroes, unspeakable horrors, and parallel worlds, then you'll love this atmospheric tale. 


Buy College of Shadows to watch students school the supernatural today! 




#1 Amazon Bestseller in Teen and YA Fantasy Mystery

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Teen and YA Monster Fiction

#1 Amazon Bestseller in British Horror Fiction

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Contemporary Fantasy



'A massively enjoyable opening of what promises to be a favourite series.'

'A nail-biting experience in a mesmerizing setting.'

'The author masterfully leaves readers sitting on the edge of their seats in suspense and wanting more.'

'Who'd have thought rips in space, wormholes, and vicious aliens could happen in such an idyllic place?

Couldn't put it down, and what a surprise ending!'

'People have said it's very much in the same vein as Harry Potter...

I don't think so myself - I believe it's far and away the better of the two.'

'A great read for someone who loves fantasy but isn’t completely involved in the science fiction worlds!

The epilogue alone will have you gasping for more!!'


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