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Cambridge Gothic
Kindle Boxset

Get the first three Cambridge Gothic novels at a discounted price, plus exclusive comments from the author on the books, his writing process and the historic city in which the series is set. 

Struggling students, secretive professors, and a deadly threat from beyond... 

When Nick and Annabel enrol at university, they have much more than fitting in to fear after their ageing professor, Ravi Gupta, is attacked by a creature straight out of their worst nightmares.

Joining forces with the daredevil scholar Giles, they stumble upon a long-held Cambridge secret. And the otherworldly truth is less pass-fail than do-or-die. Can the undaunted students and their troubled professor stop the darkness from spreading?

If you like haunted heroes, unspeakable horrors, and paranormal worlds, then you'll love this bestselling urban fantasy trilogy. 

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Welcome to Cambridge Gothic. 

Just click the link below to receive your free copy of Cambridge Shadows, a collection of five short stories set in this haunting fantasy world. This includes the Prologue to College of Shadows, the first novel in the series, so you can get a sense of what the series is like.

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​I hope you enjoy Cambridge Gothic! 


Mark Wells

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