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Legacy of Shadows
Book Three

A return to a hostile realm. A past seeking revenge. Can an aging professor protect his beloved college from a murderous nemesis?


Professor Ravi Gupta’s dark secret is unravelling. After years of hiding a dangerous portal discovered through foolish magic, the troubled academic worries his brilliant student has recklessly used it to travel to an alien world. And though he’s loath to go back, he stealthily opens a passage and journeys to the perilous land, desperate to save the missing scholar.


Shocked to discover his treacherous former partner is also hunting the fugitive, the frantic tutor helps the young undergraduate flee to safety. But he soon finds there’s no escaping a monstrous intruder endangering the university… or the vengeful foe that followed him home.


Can Ravi confront his greatest mistake without paying a fatal price?


Legacy of Shadows is the thrilling third book in the Cambridge Gothic urban fantasy series. If you like conflicted characters, otherworldly settings, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Mark Wells’s sinister conclusion.


Buy Legacy of Shadows to face the cost of betrayal today!




'A thrilling conclusion!'

'Gripping plot and great characterisation...'

'Especially impressive how it manages to tie up plot threads and character/relationship arcs that have been developing throughout the trilogy.'

'Plot twists I only saw coming just before they happened, but make sense in hindsight, which is how they should be!'

'Giles’s humour is on point, as usual. Is he everyone’s favourite character (or just mine)?'

'Beautifully done and very touching.'

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