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College of Shadows

College of Shadows is the engrossing first novel in the Cambridge

Gothic urban fantasy series. If you like haunted heroes, unspeakable horrors, and parallel worlds, then you'll love this atmospheric tale. 


For Audible listeners, you can download the audiobook

narrated by the brilliant Howard Davey, featuring haunting

music from the Choir of St John's College, Cambridge.

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'Gripping from the start'

'Really pleased with this story – sequel please!'

'There were a lot of character threads going on at once that came together in a cool way at the end.'

'A strong storyline coupled with complex character development, Wells has a true talent for captivating storytelling.' 

'Without going into spoilers, it seemed to me that if I were in their shoes, I would have immediately started swinging the ice hammer rather than wasting time by messing around with ropes.'

'With its history and old buildings, it makes a fantastic backdrop for a fantastical mystery.'

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